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Joe Carroll is an award winning filmmaker and screenwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. After many years of creative writing, Carroll turned to screenwriting and found new friends and mentors, having worked under the writers of “Lost,” “24,” “Rizzoli and Isles,” "Revenge" and “Nashville.” In his early years, he competed in many filmmaking competitions and worked on reality shows and documentaries with CMT, NBC and TruTV before joining the “Nashville” team in 2013. Carroll worked scrupulously under the writers and producers of “Nashville” before separating to write and self-produce “BACKGROUND!” in 2014. In addition to BACKGROUND, in 2014, Joe has sold one comedy pilot to a south-eastern based studio, and has been approached to write treatments for both UPtv and the Hallmark channel.


In addition to writing, Carroll owns and operates his own production company, servicing independent musicians and artists, along with creatively directing business owners in their marketing strategies. He also uses his personal projects to help younger, aspiring artists, writers and filmmakers to network and connect with others so that they might grow into their own careers. When not writing or filming, Carroll enjoys hosting game nights or relaxing with his family and friends in Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides.

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