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Looking for something that showcases your talent that your footage from jobs doesn't show? The Actor's Start Up package offer actors of all ages an opportunity to show off their acting ability, along with providing them all the tools they'll need to get noticed by casting agents!


These professionally shot and edited scenes are provided to show casting directors exactly what they want to see: you acting!


Not only that, get a professional photoshoot with Nora Canfield, as she guides you on an industry standard photoshoot that will get you immediately noticed by casting agents! 


Pick a partner, pick a scene, practice, and make your appointment today.

Joe Carroll

Founder / Executive Producer

Nora Canfield


Some of our favorite videos!

"Dangerous Ex"

Kyle Williams / Joe Carroll

"Office Politics"

Esseri Holmes / Brandi Brainard


Houston Mahoney / Kyle Williams

"It was exactly what I needed. The crew was as professional as any paid job i've been on, if not more so in some cases. The material I received I continue to use and be proud of today!"


Houston Mahoney

1st "Actor's Startup" client, 2013

Photo: Nora Canfield

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