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1: Madison Gentry is the prime example of “the grass isn’t greener,” but she makes it look easy. A former cover model for the  “FLAWLESS” makeup line, Madison has decided to take her talents to the big screen, quickly becoming a familiar face in the ruthless industry.


While struggling to maintain a perfect exterior, she struggles to prove herself worthy to her emotionally dismissing, insolent husband, who uses his wealth to treat his second wife as a prized possession, all the while battling constant threats and insults from her former rival, Judith Nunley. She knows that she must break away to get her freedom- but at what cost? 

2: Extremely talented, but constantly overlooked, Wesley Montague comes from a family of wealth, but you’d never know that upon introduction. Strong and proud, he is determined to not become dependent on the wealth of his family- only because of the lies it was built upon.


While exploring the career path of becoming an actor, he finds it a struggle to not be so bitter with where his life is going; a low class African American supporting his wife through school on a not so steady income, all the while battling his affluent half brother that wants nothing more than to be a part of his life… So why doesn’t Wesley want him there?

3: Labeled the “Homo Heartthrob,” gay porn star Jared Stryker is no stranger to being exposed- physically, that is, until it is he that is exposed while pursuing a confused Chase, taking it upon himself to help Chase to discover what’s on the inside- while exploring his outside.


Ever the risk taker, Jared has always made it a point to lay as many “straight” men as possible, proving himself to have nothing to lose, but is soon proven to have met his match as he unintentionally lets the right man in… at the wrong time.

4: Ever popular amongst the background actors- and feared by others- Judith Nunley is the one that had it all… and lost it along the way, causing her to be a bit bitter towards life and those that receive the special treatment she once did, Madison especially.


A former cover model “EFFORTLESS,’ the rival makeup line to “FLAWLESS,” she lost her job when the company was sued and went bankrupt, leaving all of her screen time to her perplexed rival. Now, more determined than ever, Judith is scrambling her way back to the top, and will step on anyone to get there.


She has nothing to lose and everything to prove.

5: Easily mistaken for being “easy,” former Georgia pageant queen Lexi (Alexis) Stevens is constantly caught in the middle of everyone else’s drama, forcing her to choose sides between role models and illicit lovers.


Tensions flare as she sets her focus on the wrong things – and people – as this starlet in the making catches herself in an ominous love triangle between Chase and Jared, and not in the way she imagines. Ambitious and determined, Lexi makes mistakes along the way that she ultimately pays for in the long run.

6: Chase Wilson is used to having things thrown his direction, whether it be insults from opposing models, seductive looks from Jared, or a bottle from his alcoholic mother. However, nothing more could catch Chase off guard than the day he realized who he really was.


Ever popular with the ladies, this runway model ends up taking an unexpected turn into the arms of the wrong man. Finding life to be a constant struggle, both on set and off, it takes a surprise encounter to force him to embrace a newfound bravery.

7: Having no aspiration to be an actor or model, Bosnian med student Djordje Petkovsek is always the first to notice but the last to judge, always there with a smile and an ear to listen to his friends worries. This college kid is everyone’s best friend- except Kyle’s.


Finding it a struggle to fit in with the American “image,” Djordje struggles to stay out of the crosshairs of harassment and bigotry. He later finds a way to woo Lexi after she realizes things won’t work with Chase, and experiences love- and heartbreak- for the first time, leading to drastic measures for this friendly compatriot.

8: Never quick to make friends, which is why he probably doesn’t have many, Kyle Matthews is on a mission, using his gigs as a background actor to network and find his way in, hoping to eventually land his first gig on a real film set.


Kyle immediately sets his sights on Djordje, tormenting him because of his national origin- which he has mistaken for another. Kyle isn’t in extras holding to make friends. He believes in stepping on toes to get ahead, and he does just that, eventually driving one of his fellow cast mates over the edge.

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