"Daytime Deadly"


"Thriller writer Danae Magalees is at the prime of her career. After the release of her 4th best seller "Daytime Deadly", she becomes the center of attention as memorable guests from her previous book signings become the primary targets of murder- all written by her. Magalees knows that she must take action as she pursues the copy-cat killer, not only to put an end to the killings- but to clear her own name."

"Perils in E. Minor"

Emmy nominated singer/songwriter Leslie Mills, from ('Yanni Voices') stars as Eva Minors in the action-packed adventure/serial 'Perils in E. Minor.' Eva is a social worker that is kidnapped by a vengeful father (former Guiding Light star Neal Ashmun) who is searching for his daughter after Eva placed the child in a foster home. He, his ex-wife and his team of undercover mercenaries use every advantage to gain the location of the child-- including the whereabouts of Eva's own daughter-- in a suspenseful storyline that keeps your mind racing and heart pumping from beginning to end.

"The C List"


The violent death of a fallen comrade rattles a group of vigilante super heroes, forcing them to come to terms with their own mortality. Targeted by an unknown assailant and his team of deadly assassins, the group finds themselves at the mercy of their fears, and must come to grips that "the danger IS real." They are pushed to come face-to-face with their own mistakes and vulnerabilities, while deception has taken its seat and danger is unknowingly lurking right outside their door

"The Mannequin Room"


"Trapped between a rock and a hard place" describes this brief thriller, as a wandering traveler finds herself pursued by a deformed sociopath, and soon enters the presence of what's hiding behind door number two. She quickly learns why even her former attacker has warned her; The most terrifying force of the abandoned mansion has awaken after a century of tortured slumber and is looking to move her spirit into a vessel of flesh in "The Mannequin Room."



Hank is your "All American." A young, budding school teacher with a beautiful wife, a beautiful home and surrounded by wonderful friends. But after suffering an electrical accident while hosting a dinner party, Hank's credibility is on the line, as he races against the clock to convince his peers that something in that house has taken him back in time-- and one of them could be next.