Pilot Episode: “Background!”


The background actors report to their first day on a new show. Lexi proves herself easy. Chase and Jared hook up. Wesley gets an audition. Madison is put down. (Download the script)


“Preliminaries. ("It's What You Didn't Say.)”


Madison is bitter about the night before. Lexi spends the night with Djordje. Wesley continues to see problems at home. Chase finds himself smitten with Jared. Djordje confides in Wesley. James attempts to make things right. (Download the script)


“Check In."


The group spends the day on set. Madison and Judith compete for screen time. Kyle shows his true colors. Chase and Jared go for round two. Lexi sees something she probably shouldn’t. Wesley catches on to what’s going on at home.


“Wardrobe Change.”


Chase endures more abuse at home. Wesley is thrown off before his audition. Madison gets great face time. Lexi helps Chase prove his manhood. Kyle struggles with his addictions. Djordje catches Chase and Jared in the act.



“Standing In.”

The group is wrapped from their first project. Lexi makes friends with a producer who wants her to star in his movie. Djordje convinces Chase to break up with Lexi. Kyle makes a dangerous career move. Madison avoids Judith. Wesley reconsiders his career after attending a family gathering.




Madison visits James at work. Wesley gets another chance to audition. Lexi’s dignity is on the line. The feud between Djordje and Kyle comes to blows. Chase and Jared break it off. James embarrasses Madison for the last time. April Rucker performs.


“Table Read.”


The group goes to work on a new project. Madison gets a featured part. A celebrity embarrasses Lexi. Kyle finally gets his opportunity. Jared has a new target. Wesley turns down a job. Lexi confides in Kyle.


“Set Striking.”


Madison and Chase finally get the courage to leave their homes. Lexi finally gives Djordje a shot. Wesley gives in under the pressure. Judith makes her move. Madison is arrested.


“Meal Ticket.”


James bails Madison out. Lexi witnesses first hand Judith’s fury. Chase moves to LA and gets used as a stand in. Wesley and his brother talk. Madison reaches out for help to leave James. Jared moves on to an unexpected new suitor.


“Pushed Call.”

Chase wonders if he’s made a mistake. Kyle’s punishment on Djordje goes too far. Lexi finds herself in a predicament as she scrambles to cover her latest project before Djordje finds out. Judith pushes Madison over the edge with her threats. Wesley finally confronts his father.


“That’s a Wrap!”


The group wraps their 2nd project and go out to celebrate. Chase sees Jared with his new beau. Wesley and Madison discuss their lives. Lexi makes a big mistake. Someone’s watching Jared. Lo Carter performs.


“Back To Holding!”

The group attends the screening party for their first project. Kyle tells Djordje about he and Lexi. Wesley makes a family decision. Jared leaves for LA, Chase asks him to stay. Finally over the lies and abuse, Djordje takes matter into his own hands.

Finale. “Sign Out Here.”

Lexi mourns Djordje. Kyle sees the results of his actions and realizes how lonely it is at the top. Jared realizes he’s more trouble than he’s worth. Madison makes her decision. Wesley gets the call that changes everything.