Nick Iggy (right) seen here with artist Timothy Rudolph, who completed the illustrations for the comic in less than TWO WEEKS! 

I wrote a comic book... buy it.


For the past few months, I've been working very closely with a good friend of mine that is a professional wrestler, along with a young but AMAZING artist, and we decided that we wanted to write and publish a 6-issue comic book series that will be sold to children (and adults) at the wrestling promotions he is featured to wrestle at.  The book is based on himself and some of his friends- and rivals- that he has met throughout his wrestling career. 

The book stars pro wrestler Nick Iggy, an adolescent boy trapped in a grown man's body, who wakes up after a decade of being in a coma following a tragic accident, and his adventures with his best friend Kerry, his tag partner and- his loyal dog? The 6 issue series follows Nick and his companion as they take on many obstacles and opponents, as well as the struggle to grow up and remain true to themselves.

This book is a great read, not only for children, but to anyone that are fans of truly original comics, and are looking for an example of how to be true to their own identity.