For those that caught wind of the "secret project" I had been working on earlier this year, well.. The jig is UP! Earlier this year, I wrote a television pilot that is currently being shopped for on-air distribution! The pilot will be released in 2015! Here is the official teaser trailer. Enjoy! 


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Earlier this year, my good friend and writer/producer Kyle Williams, asked me to direct the first episode of his upcoming web series, "The Last 5." Kyle also made an appearance in the introductory film. 

Appearing on screen is something I rarely do, unless it's for a 48 hour film project, I usually stay BEHIND the camera. In recent months, having shot a few spot commercial, industrials and signing with Talent Trek acting agency, I've decided to make a few new on screen appearances. 


Did a short with my buddy Kyle Williams, a phenomenal actor here in Nashville, a while back and finally decided to release it while I create my acting page. Feel free to check it out! What direction would you like to see this plot go?

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